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I take great pride in making my primitive patterns as detailed and professional looking as possible. My pattern covers include the title, short description with product size, a photo, the pattern number, contact information, and complete list of supplies needed. My directions are thorough and easy to follow; and I never leave out any "secret" tips. If needed, I will also include additional photos or sketches. My pattern pages are recreated on the computer, so you get crisp exact lines to follow - no thick, hand drawn lines like you see on most patterns. My pattern pages are always to size, and I take careful precautions that no part of the pattern will get cut off in the printing process. I am sure you'll be completely satisfied with my patterns!


"I am loving the patterns I have gotten from you. They are so easy to follow. I love the cinnamon buns... that's my favorite so far. Thanks so much for your talent."


Tips on printing e-patterns:
When you click on "print" to print a PDF, the pop up box will show a number of different print options. The default printing options on your PDF reader may not always be what you need. Be sure to take a look at the options when printing anything, and adjust as needed. For example, when printing patterns, you don't want the PDF reader to resize them. I have taken the PDF programs into consideration when creating my patterns, so that they can be printed to actual size. When printing my patterns, just adjust the options as I listed below to make sure you are getting full use out of my patterns.

●  "Page Scaling:" change to NONE.
●  Un-check "Auto-Rotate and Center".
●  Check "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size".

Rags-n-Tags Pattern Stipulations
All of my patterns are protected by copyright law. My patterns, e-patterns, or any part of them are NOT to be reproduced, copied, shared, or redistributed for any reason without my permission. Reselling the original paper pattern packet you purchased is permitted; but e-patterns may not be re-sold, traded, or shared. Using pattern to create and sell finished items is permitted. No mass production is allowed/ no wholesaling. If selling finished item(s) on eBay, or any other internet listings, websites, etc please give credit of the design to Kristal of Rags-n-Tags. No part of any pattern (including tips, and finishing techniques) should be shared with others; this includes chat rooms and forums. Thank you for your cooperation.

I hope you enjoy creating my items. If you have any questions what so ever, please feel free to contact me!



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