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Have you always thought that creating a french knot is just too hard to tackle? All you need is a little patience, guidance, and practice! I've created a free tutorial for you below, complete with photos to get you started on creating your own french knots quickly and easily. Good luck!

Step 1: Exit your needle where you’d like the french knot to go.

Step 2: Hold your needle close to the exit point, and behind your thread.

Step 3: With your other hand, wrap the thread around the needle 2-3 times (wrapping away from you).

Step 4: Insert the needle back into the fabric, right next to your exit hole (but not exactly through the same hole); and exit wherever you'd like your next stitch to be.

Step 5: Pull the needle and thread slowly out, making sure it doesn't get tangled; pull tight until the knot is secure. Sometimes it helps if you put your finger on the "knot" so it stays in place while you pull the thread. And there you have it!

I hope you enjoy my free crafting tutorials I have created for you! Feel free to link to my tutorials or use the information to create your own primitives; but please do not publish my tutorials or the directions in any form including on the web and in patterns. Thank you!


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